Thursday, July 14, 2005

My First Post

I know what you're thinking, or rather what you should be thinking: what the hell is this blog about? Mainly the theme here (I hope) will be the application of principles from my proffessional speciality (the theory of feedback control, robust system design, and decentralized-networked filtering/estimation/control) to politics, economics, and life in general.

For the sake of transparency, I will briefly describe my views as of 1 July 2005:

I don't identify myself with any particular political party of philoshopy, though the closest ideology would be classical liberalism (aka libertarianism). I favor the decentralization of power. I favor governmental power that is strictly limited in scope to certain necessary functions: law-enforcement and the administration of justice, protection of commons-type assets for fair use (roads, frequency spectrum, water, etc.), national defence, protection of free markets, etc.

I believe that free market - based economic systems (such as American capitalism) are superior in delivering a higher standard of living.

I hold that family relationships are the most meaningful and important ones that we have in life and that identification with and loyalty to family structures are under-emphasized in the great western democracies.

I believe that intellectual property (IP) law in the US has reached the point of insanity, and that modern IP law will become simultaneously 1) less enforcible and 2) more widely percieved as unjust and unworkable.