Friday, February 17, 2006

Drunken Gay Bishops

From ScrappleFace:
"G. Robinson, the first openly-homosexual Episcopalian bishop, came under attack today for a recent statement in which he called his alcoholism a “disease” for which he’s getting treatment.

“Bishop Robinson has reinforced the stereotype that being a drunk is some kind of medical condition that needs a cure,” according to an unnamed spokesman for the American Drunkards Association (ADA), a non-profit group that helps people recover from Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. “Alcoholism isn’t a disease, it’s who we are."
Classic. I've often thought how odd it is that gays want so desperately for their behavior to be seen as biologically directed -- that wouldn't change people's distaste for queerness ... it would transform homosexuality into a disease or unfortunate mutation; perhaps curable via drugs , gene therapy, or pre-natal screening.
If homosexuals really feel like their lifestyle is a good thing, why not shake off the whole "we're victims of our DNA, just doing what we're programmed to do" argument and go more with a "we are free and unconstrained adults choosing the lifestyle we prefer, deal with it" line of attack?

Scott ends his post with the hilarious:

“My life sends a refreshing message to our parishioners of redemption without repentance,” he said. “It’s a real improvement on old-fashioned Biblical principles.”

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