Saturday, October 28, 2006

How I will vote

I received a sample ballot today, so I'm sharing how I'll vote with everyone.

Senator: Katherine Harris (R). This is a tough one because I've had the unpleasant opportunity to hear Ms. Harris on the radio, and she sounds like a typical politico. I also harbor a secret desire to see the GOP go down in flames this election cycle -- they must be punished for their sins! (think: Katrina-motivated nanny statism, the lack of spending restraint, corruption-earmarks-pork, anti-liberty legislation).
But. The dems would only be worse. The sad part is that I feel like many republicans are banking on this; it seems like ive heard at least two right wing radio hosts say just that, and that's pretty pitiful. (hey, im but ugly and a mental retard, but you should see the other guy ...)
Also Bill Nelson is a total A-hole -- i just despise his blatant pandering to the old people in his ads here in florida.

Govenor&Lieutenant: Crist and Kottkamp (R). Again, I don't like Crist -- i didn't vote for him in the primary; but his democratic opponent is pratically promising to raise my taxes. and believe me, i already pay enough.

Attorney general: I'm not voting because I have no idea who these guys are.

Chief Finanical officer: not voting.

Superintendent of schools: Tibbetts (R) -- Tibbetts sounded good when speaking: run a tight ship, treat the schools a business, manage costs, track performance ... my first cringe-free vote.

Judges: I'm voting that all the judges be put out on their ears. Rep and Dem alike, I just feel like we need fresh blood there.

Congress: Jeff Miller (R). See senator above -- I actually rate jeff miller above harris, but if he'd had a more stellar record on pork I'd be more enthusiastic.

Amendment1 (to limit non-recurring revenue expenditure): YES. This will make it harder for florida to piss away tobacco settlement money.

Amendment4 (tobacco advertising) NO. Hell no! This stupid ammendment would mandate anti-tobacco advertising. It would take 15% from the tobacco settlement money and waste it on little infomercials. But it would require matching funds drawn from florida's taxes, 57 million dollars this year alone. screw that.

Amendment7 (Disabled veterens tax break) NO. "disabled" veterens already get a sweet deal -- throwing more money at them through this tax break is just gratuitous.
plus this only applies to old veterens -- its blatant age discrimination/pandering to the elderly.

Amendment3 (broader support) YES. This amendment makes amending the constitution harder by requiring a supermajority instead of a mere 50.00001 %. This is a good idea because it means only more centrist amendments will get passed.

Amendment6 (increased homestead exemption for old people) NO. Hell No! This is more pandering to the old folks crap. In fact this is total shite. Basically its just seniors trying to vote themselves more wealth redistribution from younger working floridians. screw that.

Amendment8 (eminent domain) YES. Bring it on! y'all know how i feel about the travesty that was RAICH, my only beef is that this amendment doesn't go far enough -- it leaves too many holes for local governments to squeeze "takings" through. Don't let the government force you to sell you home so that your property can be developed by some fat-cat: screw eminent domain forever.

So that's pretty much it -- I'll see you all at the polls.


Trix_Rabbit said...

Well, like you, I am fairly disgusted by the type of politicians who are pandering the sheeple to get elected/re-elected to office.
Politicians, are, by their very nature prostitutes.
Should I vote for the RINO Crist or his no-show opponent? Both of them lack the cojones to be in office.
As for Harris, she's not my favorite, but I would vote for a syphyllitic labratory chimp before I cast a vote for Nelson.
Have you noticed that for the lack of neck bolts, he looks like Frankenstein's monster? What a schmuck he is.
Judges? I have and always will vote NO on every one of them. I don't know these yabbos from Adam.

J. Willard Curtis said...

"Sheeple" -- I love it! Never heard that one trix ;) I totally agree about all politicians being whores -- aint that the truth?