Monday, April 30, 2007

The Skeptical Optimist:

Profit: Our “thank-you” to effective businesses:
"I wonder why so many people think “profit” is a dirty word? I'm sure politics has a lot to do with it, but in any case, I think of profit as a tip I gladly hand over to the businesses who have learned how to supply what I want at a price I can afford. It’s my way of saying to those businesses, “Thank you for supplying a product of this quality at this price; you're offering me a better value than your competitors are. I’m voting with my dollars, and this time your product is the winner.”"
Yeah this is an interesting thing ... up untill ten or fifteen years ago I sort of felt that way ... that if a company was making a profit then that was somehow my loss. Thus I was constantly irked that people were "ripping me off" by profiting from my purchases of goods or services. Fast forward to today - I don't know why I felt that way ... I guess it was an attitude picked up from family or friends or media. But as the skeptical optimist points out, its a ridiculous way of thinking about purchases -- mainly because we really do live in a world of constrained resource ... scarcity. And when I finally buy something, its because I feel like the whatever-it-is is more valuable to me than the money; otherwise I wouldn't buy, it natch. So this automatically means that I feel like the product or service is improving my life more than simply having that money would -- good for me and good for them ... the essence of why trading, in general, is wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Your a Moran!!!! Even if there was a SLIGHT chance that global warming was real, wouldnt you want to do something about it? Look at your daughter, she has to live with a narrow minded father and grow up in a world of stupitidy because her father doesn't realize any validity to human caused global warming. You might not be sorry in your lifetime, but your kids will pay the consequences if you dont pull your head out of your ass.

J. Willard Curtis said...

LMAO. I love the internet I really do. Where do I begin? First of all, its rich that someone too stupid to spell the word moron has the chutzpah to call me narrow minded and suggest that my home is a world of stupidity -- take a good long look in the mirror pal.
Second, i've written many posts about why global warming alarmism is stupid -- so why post the comment on this post about corporate profits?
Third, this is typical of supporters of global warming alarmism -- lots of emotion and passion, not much in the way of rational discourse or weighing of the facts. And that's too bad for all of us.

trix rabbit said...

As Tony Soprano would say: "Fuhgedaboudit".
This non-spelling individual's rants only appeal to a very small select group of very confused sheeple.
Typical of what you would find at Dummycrats Underground or Huffing and Pissed.
Dementia like this stems from having no gainful employment, no brains, no ambition, no future, and definitely no testicular fortitude.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Isn't the very definition of narrow minded not being open to the opinions and viewpoints of the other side?!
Clearly Dr. Curtis has done his research in this area. If nothing else, this plainly suggests that he is concerned about the issue, and wants to make sure that he has all the facts available. I wouldn't call that living in a world a stupidity! Not being able to read a few blog posts with an open mind without getting all huffy about it is more what I would call stupid.
Next time use some facts or sources to support your disagreement. Calling names and threatening the future of America's children only proves that you're content to blindly follow what the media is feeding you.