Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weight Update

Well, its been a long while since I talked about my fitness/dieting progress. I'm happy to say that I've achieved my goal weight. I've held steady at around 160 lbs for about two or three months ... that's good considering this post, where you can perhaps follow the link to the google spreadsheet showing I weighed over 170 lbs in June of 2006.

Now the bad news ... I'm still not satisfied! I have adjusted my goal downwards ... I would now like to be at 155 lbs by next summer. Considering where I've been and where I'm going this should be relatively easy (lets face it, losing 5 pounds is a 2-week project, but keeping it off is sometimes a challenge) but time will tell.

I'll keep blogging this stuff because I feel like accountability to my readers (yes all nine of you) is a helpful motivation.

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