Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I know, I know, you (my faithful readers) are like -- where has he gone? Why must we endure the excruciating agony of life without new technoutopia posts?
Relax my friends, you pain is over.
First of all, can I say how much I hate plumbing? I wasn't feeling well yesterday so I took the afternoon off in order to rest. After I get home, I see that the people have come to install our new Corian countertops in the kitchen -- so, you guessed it, I end up spending 5 hours on my back under our sink installing the new faucet, replumbing the disposer, and trying (in vain) to plug two leaks in copper pipes. Apparently I'm going to have to re-solder the fittings, which in case your wondering, is guaranteed to be a major pain in the rear...
Anyway, I have a huge soar throat today and I feel like shite, but I hate posts with no links because they're like dead-ends for addicted web-surfers, so here ya go suckers:
try this
or this
or maybe even this (which is interesting yet misguided)

happy surfing.

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