Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Don't let idiots vote.

This article over at the NYT explains how dumb some Americans are, specifically in the area of science. Not much of a surprise to me -- the article says that 20% of Americans believe that the Sun revolves around the earth, mmm ok. As anyone who has seen Jay Leno's street interviews knows, stupidity is a universal constant which crosses all national, racial, and gender barriers.

This is the very reason that I propose a simple intelligence test before people are allowed to vote; does our democracy really need morons deciding who is best suited for the presidency?

Deny Suffrage to Idiots! Please join my national and growing campaign to curb the power of stupid people by sending me $25 via cash, check, or Paypal before the retards ruin our country.


ADevoe said...

DO you accept credit cards? What about a pound of flesh?

J. Willard Curtis said...

a devoe ... hmm. I think I recognize that name ... not many devoes left though could it be ... Mary? Sure I'll take your plastic or workfare whatever you're offering. You'll have to pass a modest IQ test first though, obviously.

ADevoe said...

The truth is...there is no spoon...:) And I offer, in all humility of course, that this I.Q. pre-requisite should be across the board--Voting, drivers licenses, order fullfillment at the local Taco Smell, etc. In fact, I'd go a little further (still in the most humble way); say that if one drives in the fast lane and goes slower than the people in the slow lane, that person must be summarily executed. Same for the person who gives you an extra large coke when you ordered diet coke.

J. Willard Curtis said...

Man, I dig you adevoe. You're totally feelin' me on this one.

Its like with the whole hoopla regarding the mentally challenged peeps in Florida who couldn't figure out how to put an x next to Al Gore's name, and the media was so angry that these people might be "disenfranchised" -- people less intelligent than my cat have no business choosing the leader of the free world.