Thursday, September 01, 2005

Macrovision tries to ruin P2P

So it looks like Macrovision is trying to make a buck off of the file-sharing phenomenon, by charging "artists" a fee to spoof the p2p networks. They insert bogus or non-functional files at many central nodes in the hope that people looking for content will download the bogus stuff. Read the whole thing. The article [via Tom's Hardware Guide] concludes:
While Macrovision attempts to stop piracy ... they admit that it may be an impossible goal to achieve as P2P networks adapt and change. According to Dalke, Hawkeye works well against most of the major P2P networks including EDonkey and FastTrack. But full protection against Bittorrent has not been achieved yet.
That's right, because if someone seeds a bogus file on bittorrent the peeps who download it will leave a comment indicating that its crap. Thus bittorrent self-regulates against this kind of attack.

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