Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Welfare State Mentality

I'm on board with the following sentiment:

What Hurricane Katrina exposed was the psychological consequences of the welfare state. What we consider "normal" behavior in an emergency is behavior that is normal for people who have values and take the responsibility to pursue and protect them. People with values respond to a disaster by fighting against it and doing whatever it takes to overcome the difficulties they face. They don't sit around and complain that the government hasn't taken care of them. And they don't use the chaos of a disaster as an opportunity to prey on their fellow men.

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ADevoe said...

I like the phrase from your source about the people (and I use the term loosely) of the welfare state living on heaps of their own trash and and complaining about the lack of aid from the government (or government teet, as I like to call it). The allusion to socialism is also poignant, and I've thought the same myself many times. What welfare in any form breeds is socialism, and what socialism breeds is a collection of automatons, without will or personality, lining up everyday at the government teet and squalling for their daily portion. Once satiated, they perform, perfunctorily, their menial labor; none thinking outside the box, no creativity, no invention, and at last no thought beyond the next dole. The final victim of socialism (in its many guises) is the total obliteration ambition (a glorious concept much maligned!). So much for the welfare state.

J. Willard Curtis said...

Your really getting your Ayn Rand groove on ;)