Friday, September 16, 2005

Bush: Champion of the Welfare State !?

The White House communications team scrambled this morning to explain how President George Bush accidentally delivered a rejected draft speech in New Orleans last night on national TV.

White House Communications Director Dan Bartlett said he still does not know how the text of an address he had personally rejected as "too DNC" wound up in the president's hands last night.

Many Republicans reacted in shock as all of America heard Mr. Bush promising a series of federal interventions and taxpayer-cash infusions
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To any republicans who saw Bush's travesty of a speech -- this is the kind of welfare-state mentality we would have gotten if Kerry had won. I'm becoming sorry I voted for this big-government wolf in sheep's clothing.


ADevoe said...

Ahhh Bush...poor guy--couldn't even tell the words coming out of his own mouth were libreral propaganda. If I were the leader of the free world, the second I heard words coming out of my mouth promising the mother-teat of them all to the minorities on welfare I would just stop outright and fire someone on national tv. Who the heck gave him the wrong speech? I think it was a liberal plant...

Anonymous said...

What happened to the republican wing of the republican party?