Wednesday, September 07, 2005

You can't have fun when other people are suffering

Or at least that's the subtext from notorious pervert Xeni Jardin's (of Boing Boing fame) post: a photo collage of Bush playing guitar on the one half with desperate refugees on the other.

OK, so I guess we're not allowed to enjoy music or laugh or get photographed enjoying ourselves during times of natural disaster. I'm wondering if maybe someone has a picture of Xeni laughing during the time immediately after hurricane Katerina -- then I could make photocollage showing what an awful person she is by superimposing her gaiety on scenes of human suffering.

This kind of cheap-shot journalism destroys Xeni's credibility as an honest voice in the coming digital age.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of Xeni's voice, it's awful. I can take or leave her writing, but I can't stand to listen to her.