Wednesday, April 12, 2006

France is Economically Illiterate

Marginal Revolution:
"In a 22-country survey published in January, France was the only nation disagreeing with the premise that the best system is 'the free-market economy.' In the poll, conducted by the University of Maryland, only 36 percent of French respondents agreed, compared with 65 percent in Germany, 66 percent in Britain, 71 percent in the United States and 74 percent in China (!, AT)...."
That a majority of a modern Western nation could be ignorant of free-market capitalism's supremacy suggests one thing: mass delusion fed by a ruling class that controls education and media to perpetrate nation-wide propaganda. I weep for La France.


Trix_Rabbit said...

The best system for a government, any government, is free-market capitalism. However, when it lacks virtue and honesty, it becomes everything its detractors claim it to be: greed and despair.
Unfortunately, it has never been practiced correctly in France or any other Western European country.
And as such, they will continue to practice their pseudo-capitalist socialism until they are ultimately financially and morally bankrupt.

J. Willard Curtis said...

I'm a relatively recent convert to free-market capitalism, having spent most of my adult life as a confirmed Nibley-ite (which i guess economically is somewhere in between socialism and the United Order?), but I feel like I'm becoming much more economically literate and when I look at the cold hard facts I deduce the following: free markets work, centrally planned economies don't. Die Nanny State, Die! (you've probably already read it Brian, but the beginning of my journey to capitalism was reading FA Hayek's stuff).