Friday, April 14, 2006

More on Global Warming

Political Dogs: The Real Kyoto Debate Is Heating Up:
"Almost a week ago, 60 world renowned scientists wrote an open letter to the Canadian Prime Minister requesting a rational examination of the science of global warming."
In the words of Instapundit, read the whole thing. Note, that I'm not a global warming doubter; rather, I'm a somewhat experienced scientist who knows that we shouldn't trust the computer models used to support fringe environmentalist beliefs about imminent catastrophe unless those models have been verified (which of course they haven't been). Relatedly, Even if the (flawed and incorrect) computer models are right, they predict only a moderate rise temperatures for the next century -- and noone has made a convincing case why a modest increase in earth's temperatures are a bad thing. Here's a clue for the environmental nut-jobs among my faithful readers: the only thing constant in the billion+ year history of earth's climate is change.

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