Thursday, June 01, 2006

Global Warming Fisking

The Daily Ablution: My Response to Johann Hari:
"I repeat my position. For the record, I:

* think climate change is probably happening,
* but wonder if there may not be at least some concomitant benefits,
* go on to suggest that there may be a significant non-anthropogenic component;
* and, consequently, wonder to what extent horrendously expensive measures to combat it are necessary or desirable."
I agree. This is a fun read, but it jumps right into the middle of an on-going debate so be prepared to be a little lost. The post is by Scott Burgess who is responding to an attack by Johann Hari. Hari is attacking Bjorn Lomborg's book "Skeptical Environmentalist" which I've never read but which appearently challenges the prevailing leftist-green doctrine that massive and immediate STate-sponsored intervention is required to avert global catastrophe.

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