Tuesday, June 13, 2006

test your hearing range online

ochen k.:
"Most humans are born with the ability to hear frequencies from about 20 Hz (low) up to 20,000 Hz (high) but that range shrinks as we get older. A guy in England figured that meant kids can hear things adults can't - specifically, very high frequencies. He created a device that pulses an annoying tone at about 15,000 Hz with the idea that when the device is used, it will repel kids while being unnoticed by adult. Perfect for solving that youth-loitering problem you've been having in front of your shop."
I heard the 15khz signal, though it sounded a little fainter than the lower frequency test tones. I could barely hear the 16 khz tone -- it was very faint. 17khz and above, I heard nothing! I guess it was a waste of money buying those ipod headphones that pump out music up to 22khz -- I should have bought the crappy version that tops out at 18khz, I literaly can't hear the difference.

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