Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Greg Mankiw's Blog:
"Does the study of economics tend to make people conservative?

I believe the answer is, to some degree, yes. My experience is that many students find that their views become somewhat more conservative after studying economics. There are at least three, related reasons."

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Trix_Rabbit said...

Interesting article. I believe that if people on the "left" took the time to examine even an iota of economics - and not the crap from that hate-driven anti-semite Marx - they would understand what conservatism is about.
As such, most do not understand economics. For example, a much bandied word is "fascist". Such as "Bush is a fascist".
If only they understood that fascism stands for a state controlled economy - just like its sibling - socialism does.
Unfortunately, that dreadful word, fascism, was used by the Stalinists in order to discredit “national socialism” by labeling it “right wing” merely because it wasn’t what they wanted, which was international socialism.
Well, I don't want to go off on a rant, but...