Thursday, December 07, 2006

Penn & Teller: Global Warming is BS

Personally I've only seen a few episodes of "BullSh!4", and the rough language marred the experience for me, but I loved their point of view and presentation. I also saw Penn interviewed on Glenn Beck and thought he was great. Now, I'm extremely gratified to report that they have correctly categorized global warming as kine excrement.

Link to YouTube video.


Trix Rabbit said...

On a similar note, the maniacal Al Gore-bot was interviewed by the intelligence-deficient Matt Lauer on whatever dopey morning show he shills for, and the latter told the former that he should run for and really press for global warming issues and that "he would be in a position to save the world."
Oh joy of joys! Our Messiah has returned to save the world from itself!
Do you suppose it would be un-PC to say that Matt Lauer is dumber than a bag of hammers and that it could be emprically proven?

J. Willard Curtis said...

lol. I think that's a fair assessment -- I sincerely believe that Algor has a messiah complex. he's a total nutjob!