Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Liberal Hypocrisy vis-a-vis Walmart

The Skeptical Optimist
Wal-Mart and its effects save shoppers more than $200 billion a year, dwarfing such government programs as food stamps ($28.6 billion) and the earned-income tax credit ($34.6 billion) . . . But because unions are strong in many grocery stores trying to compete with Wal-Mart, unions are yanking on the Democratic Party's leash, demanding laws to force Wal-Mart to pay wages and benefits higher than those that already are high enough to attract 77 times as many applicants than there were jobs at this store . . . Liberals, aghast, see the choices Americans make with their dollars and their ballots and announce -- yes, announce -- that Americans are sorely in need of more supervision by . . . liberals.
I love walmart. There, I said it. So sue me; I like cheap groceries. I like cheap DVDs, games, clothes and toys. I like saving a little extra and putting the rest in an investment account that will bear me interest for the rest of my life. People that attack walmart bug me -- I mean, if you don't like it, don't shop there! But don't pass laws specifically aimed at penalizing a great American company that allows people like me to save billions of dollars every year.

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