Monday, March 19, 2007


Four Years In @ AMERICAN DIGEST: "Four years in. An inch of time. Four years in and the foolish and credulous among us yearn to get out. Their feelings require it. The power of their Holy Gospel of 'Imagine' compels them. Their overflowing pools of compassion for the enslavers of women, the killers of homosexuals, the beheaders of reporters, and the incinerators of men and women working quietly at their desks, rise and flood their minds until their eyes flow with crocodile tears while their mouths emit slogans made of cardboard. They believe the world is run on wishes and that they will always have three more.

Like savages shambling about some campfire where all there is to eat are a few singed tubers, they paint their faces with the tatterdemalion symbols of a summer long sent down to riot with the worms. They clasp hands and sing songs whose lyrics are ash. 'We shall... over... come.' Overcome what, overcome who? Overcome their own nation? Is that their dream?"
I marvel at America's fickle impatience, and the ease with which our body politic can turn completely about. Maybe everyone thinks Islamic fascism is already defeated? But then, who are the psychos killing our troops and blowing up churches and civilians in Iraq?
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