Friday, March 02, 2007

Fight the power ...

Boing Boing: NPR "Xeni Tech" - RIAA vs. college students, Gizmodo boycott

The RIAA recently sent out 400 "pre-litigation settlement letters" to students accused of illegal downloading at 13 universities, and launched, where the accused are invited to avoid lawsuits by turning themselves in and paying fines online.
Those b*stards!

Gizmodo is organizing a month-long RIAA boycott that kicks off today. They've published this manifesto, and they're encouraging people to contact lawmakers, write protest letters to the RIAA, and purchase indie MP3s instead of copy-protected songs from RIAA member labels.
Alright then, lets do it. Stick it to the Man!

for more on my thoughts about copyright in the digitial age go here.

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