Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ann Althouse smacks down moonbat:

Althouse: Eric Alterman contemplates whether he has "the typical liberal tendency toward fascism."

You can't have your democracy, and there are a lot of complex reasons why you can't, as elite, intellectual study shows. I own the truth. I write the books. If you can get your hands on the hard-to-find book and spend some good long time with it, you might come to understand what I already know. I am the gatekeeper of this information explaining why you can't have democracy. Trust me.
Here she's making fun of Alterman's assertion that he understands complex processes that make media "gatekeepers" necessary for the functioning of modern democracy. Basically Alterman wants a semi-official "panel" of top bloggers who should decide which blogs deliver good information and which blogs are not to be trusted, and Ann Althouse (rightly and thoroughly) dresses him down for his anti-free speech mentality.

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