Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Digital Freedom is coming ...

Court Calls [Record Industry] Lawsuits Frivolous And Unreasonable

The judge also noted that it was completely unfair to put liability on "an Internet-illiterate parent, who does not know Kazaa from a kazoo." The judge found that the "settlement offers" the RIAA puts forth offer no real way to contest the charges without going to court, and found that such a system does "not advance the aims of the Copyright Act." Indeed.
Score one for the good guys. As I've noted before, and as even Stevie Jobs recently admitted, DRM sucks big nobby rocks. DRM is stupid because:
A -- it doesn't work. I have at my fingertips any and all media (music, video, text, picture) sold at any store in the country. DRM simply doesn't prevent piracy.
B -- it penalizes those who obey the law, yes the people who actually pay for their music have to jump through a bunch of annoying little hoops to do something trivial like move it to another device or computer.
C -- Becase of (A) and (B) above it creates a perverse incentive: its in consumers' best interests to simply pirate media.
D -- DRM relies on the courts to enforce a defunct and unworkable business model. Repeat after me -- its not the government's job to protect somebody's business model. Times change and in business you adapt or you die. If the RIAA wants my business, then they should find a way to create value for me ... instead of trying to extort money from me by threatening lawsuits if I download a song.
When will the RIAA and other media-peddling industries realize that transferring bits on shiny disks adds zero value to their customers? And since when has instigating mass lawsuits against your customers been a sound business practice?

Update: Dvorak agrees with me.

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