Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Atmospheric Weather Data

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The overall trend in the tropospheric data is now +0.08 deg. C/decade (through 2004). Click on the charts to get the numerical data. Surface thermometer measurements indicate that the temperature of the Earth is warming at an average rate close to +0.20 deg. C/decade since 1979, while the satellite data shows a warming trend of about half of this. These differences are the basis for discussions over whether our knowledge of how the atmosphere works might be in error, since the warming aloft in the troposphere should be at least as strong as that observed at the surface.
The news here is that the satelittes show modest warming consistent with about 1-2 degrees F per 100 years. This is about what happened in the last 100 years and is not very alarming in terms of climate change. This is also much less than the global-warming-alarmist crowd says will happen. The beauty of these satellite readings are that they are basically impossible to fudge and stand as a testable and verifiable check on the wild claims of Environmentalist nuts.

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