Thursday, September 14, 2006


Politics Central:
"France’s newspaper of record accuses the Israeli army of deliberately firing at journalists and destroying media property (including the Al Manar studios). France’s state-owned television network produces, broadcasts, and distributes worldwide a blood libel against Israel. A cameraman employed by France 2 films staged news. And somehow French society can accommodate all of these attitudes and practices. But when a media watch site calls for the dismissal of those responsible for producing, broadcasting, and defending a falsified news report that accuses Israeli soldiers of the cold blooded murder of a Palestinian child, the director is sued for defamation, for sullying the honor of the plaintiffs.
How will this case be pleaded, tried, and judged in a French court?"
Too much info in this article to summarize. If you're interested in state-sponsored oppression of freedom to think in good ole France, then follow the link for an unbelievable attack on the liberty to question state media.

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