Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Burning Man: Our Review

Tim’s Blog:
"After a two-hour traffic snarl at the gate, we arrived at our camp: exhausted, surly and coated with a fine layer of dangerous alkali dust. If the founder and King Rat of Burning Man, Larry Harvey, had been present we would have gladly taken turns shocking his balls with a car battery, Abu Ghraib-style. We were that pissed. Larry was likely in St. Bart’s spending our money, or perhaps in a fabulous underground lair built by enslaved hippies from previous burns, or maybe just laughing from his Lear jet above in his trademark white Stetson."
OK backrgound information: Burning Man is a one week celebration held in the middle of the desert in Nevada every year, mainly attended by SanFrancisco new-age hippie types. Its in the news annually being plugged by the Web 2.0 shills in places like Wired and BoingBoing.
Anyway, this is a totally hillarious review. I laughed my head off reading it because it sort of vindicated what I had already supposed Burning Man was all about. Note that the article is R-rated for vulgar language, so don't read it if colorful language offends you.

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