Thursday, May 25, 2006

Congress needs to be Fired

National Review Online:
"By nothing more than dumb luck, the Republican-controlled Congress—lambasted for the junkets, earmarks, and “culture of corruption” that have aligned to produce the lowest approval ratings in memory—was handed a shot at some desperately needed redemption. All its leaders had to do was make the right choice between condemning the rankest corruption and displaying an outsized arrogance. Guess which one they chose?"
This whole scandal, whereing Congress claims to be immune from FBI probes even when the FBI has a warrant, sickens me. Why would I want Congressmen, of all people!, to be above the law be above criminal investigation. Heck, I'd like to make it easier to probe congressmen -- I say: take Congressman Jefferson to the nearest prison and give him a rectal exam and find out where exactly he's hidden all of his bribe money.

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