Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fire Florida's Senators

"Listed below are Senators, grouped by how many times they voted to support one the three Coburn anti-pork amendments that have come to a vote: the CSX Railroad relocation in Mississippi (Coburn lost 47-50); the 'seafood promotion strategies package' (Coburn won 51-44), and the Northrup Grumman bailout (Coburn lost 48-51)."

OK, here's the deal (and I'm talking to Emily, Kevin Oneal,Lewis P, and Brian Perry especially) both of our state's senators are porkers -- if you check out the link they voted for the two pork projects that narrowly passed (the Mississippi highway boondoggle and the Northrup G bailout, costing us 1.2 Billion dollars together). So here is the link to email Martinez (I can't believe I voted for this SOB. I naively assumed that since he campaigned as a small-government republican that he would be, you know, for a smaller federal government). If watching the federal government piss away your tax dollars on pork projects upsets you, please write and let you voice be heard.

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