Thursday, May 18, 2006

Yahoo 2.0

Technology Review: Emerging Technologies and their Impact:
"For a year or more, a common buzzword uttered by Yahoo engineers and executives has been 'social media' -- the idea that one-to-many communication on the Web has given way to many-to-many communication, and that traffic and conversation naturally cluster around content, such as videos, photos, blog posts, and bookmarks. Examples of social media in action at Yahoo include My Web 2.0, where users can save, share, and tag Web pages they've visited; Yahoo 360, a free blogging and social networking service; and Flickr, which first popularized the concept of 'tagging,' or adding informal labels to content such as photos to facilitate searches later."
Allright, as a self-appointed prophet of the technoutopia I feel it a duty to try and push my friends into this improved technology. Specifically -- web 2.0 sites like flikr and blogger and social networking. So check out yahoo's new junk -- its pretty cool, and what it enables is sharing more of your life with friends and family (via photos on flickr, text on blogs, videos on youtube ...)

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